Syria, President Obama, and now The French – Contrast Leadership 1986….. [April 14th 1986 To Be Precise]

In 1986 Libyan diplomats, acting at the specific instruction of Libyan leader Qaddafi, sent a bomb expert, Yasser Chraidi, from Tripoli to East Berlin.   Chraidi was a member of The Libyan People’s Bureau (LPB).   Driving a Volkswagen Golf bearing East German diplomatic license plates, Chraidi then left East Berlin and traveled through Checkpoint Charlie into West Berlin.

He constructed and hid his device in an apartment belonging to a Palestinian student.   On April 5th 1986 the bomb was delivered to an apartment beloging to Ali Chaana.   His wife, Verena Chaana, and her sister Andrea, took the bomb to Friedenau, a district in West Berlin, where they walked in to “La Belle”, a popular Black hip-hop style nightclub.    It was shortly after 1:00am and the place was packed.

la Belle

East and West were divided at the time, but some specific East German girls had permission to leave.   They travelled back and forth, with permission given by the East German police.  In exchange for the passage they were required to give information back to the East German authorities.

This was the case with Verena Chaana.   After the fall of the Berlin wall it was discovered that Verena’s work included being a spy,  gathering intelligence on U.S. army locations, and also the army size and/or movements.    Hence the nightclubs were a key source of information.

Chaana gave the East German Stasi and the Libyan Peoples Bureau information on the location of the nightclub, La Belle.  There were other choices, for terror targeting, but if they went to a dominant white service member club,  the risk of search was greater.   The black nightclub, was a much softer target.   La Belle was very popular with Black U.S. Service members;  it was also well attended by non-blacks, but in Berlin at the time it was generally thought of as a black club.  At the time the bomb was detonated the song “fly girl” was playing.

Many of the non military Americans living in West Berlin at the time were severely anti Reagan.    For quite a while the anti-Reaganites, along with the German people, found it inconceivable, and perhaps illogical to reconcile, that Qaddaffi would kill innocent blacks.

To them Qaddaffi was a weird hero of sorts.  He was, after all, aiming all of his terroristic threats and hatred against “The West”.    It was/is quite popular in Europe, especially in Berlin at the time, to be a self-loathing liberal American and to espouse a similar disdain for The West.

The liberal U.S. press were equally and willfully blind.   They were not going to write annoying realities amid their storylines; about La Belle being predominantly a black club, thereby exposing the real Qaddaffi hate message – which would accurately present Qaddaffi as hating Europe as much as America.    No-one was ever going to call the media out, and if some academic actually did point out the omission they would just claim it made no difference.

No-one who reviewed the American media reports was ever going to know that Qaddaffi attacked a strategically soft target known to be popular with the liberally minded folks, blacks, or black GI’s.    That would have been more difficult to reconcile with the general sentiment at the time.   No, they just focused on the GI aspect.

When the international news agencies reported about the bombing, they referred to La Belle almost exclusively as G. I. club, not as a “Black G. I” Club.

Fast forward to 2011 Libya, bear honest witness and you can see what regard Libyan President Qaddaffi had for geography and race.    Despite decades of liberal protestations to the contrary, many of which stemmed from France, Quaddaffi hated Africans –  He considered African migration as “currency”, and used his position as gatekeeper between Africa and Europe to blackmail the newly formed EU into giving him €5 billion annually to control the migration.

Gaddafi signs over 14-billion-dollars in contracts with France

The EU has a history of political correctness running amuck.    They will claim all manner of tolerance to the global community, but once the door is closed quite the opposite frames their constitution.   It is just one example of the liberal ideology fraught with hypocrisy.

If Quackdaffy was pissed off, or more frequently if he felt he was being dismissed, he would merely unlock the North African gates for a few months – the ensuing flood of undesirables would bring the EU back to him on their knees.  Each time, more money in hand, and….. After extending the back of his hand for the highly visible kiss of humility from the detractor turned homage kneeler, he would re-lock the gates.   Cha-ching.

Sarkozy Supporting the Libyan Opposition

Sarkozy Supporting the Libyan Opposition

That’s why French President Sarkozy was so adamant about Daffy’s overthrow in 2010/2011.   At any cost.   The “undesirables”, those millions of people flowing into Europe from North Africa, were/are wrecking havoc on all the EU nations and constructs.   The various intertwined economies just cannot support such uncontrolled immigration – yet the PC liberals in charge of most parliament’s  couldn’t openly display their goals in that regard.   Such admissions would destroy pontificating credibility.

Back to 1986 –  [With help in constructing the event narrative from ATFC]  On the late evening of 15 April and early morning of 16 April 1986, under the code name El Dorado Canyon, the United States launched a series of military air strikes against ground targets inside Libya.

It is the purpose behind the mission…a mission fully consistent with Article 51 of the U.N. Charter.

Qaddaffi ordering an attack on Americans:  “to cause maximum and indiscriminate casualties.” Another communications source, an intercepted Libyan message outlined the attack being planned in West Berlin.

All except one of these targets were chosen because of their direct connection to terrorist activity. The single exception was the Benina military airfield which based Libyan fighter aircraft. This target was hit to preempt Libyan interceptors from taking off and attacking the incoming US bombers.   [It should also be noted that the French Embassy in Tripoli and several of the neighboring residential buildings also were bombed inadvertently during the raid;  <—-  whoopsie they were *cough*  “not” targeted]

Mission planners decided, as part of the effort to attain tactical surprise, to hit all five targets simultaneously. This decision had crucial impact on nearly every aspect of the operation since it meant that the available US Navy resources could not perform the mission unilaterally. The only two types of aircraft in the US inventory capable of conducting a precision night attack were the Navy’s A-6s and the Air Force’s F-111s.

The Navy had two aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean at the time planning for the raid: The America and The Coral Sea. Each had ten A-6 aircraft, but these were not the total of 32 aircraft estimated as required to successfully hit all five targets with one raid.

The closest F-111s were based in the United Kingdom (UK); and use of these UK based aircraft dramatically affected the scope and complexity of the operation.

Planning was even further compounded when the French refused to grant authority to overfly France. This refusal increased the distance of the flight route from Great Britain to Tripoli by about 1300 nautical miles each way, added 6-7 hours of flight time for the pilots and crews, and forced a tremendous amount of additional refueling support from tanker aircraft.

The size of the strike force’s final configuration was immense and complex. Approximately 100 aircraft were launched in direct support of the raid.  […]  The actual combat commenced at 0200 (local Libyan time), lasted less than 12 minutes, and dropped 60 tons of munitions.

Resistance outside the immediate area of attack was nonexistent, and Libyan air defense aircraft never launched. One FB-111 strike aircraft was lost during the strike. The entire armada remained in the vicinity for over an hour trying to account for all aircraft.

The French refused to allow the United States access to their airspace, which resulted in an additional 2300 miles of travel to and from the targets,  caused extra in-flight re-fuelings, and the loss of one strike fighter and her crew.

On the way out of Libya our boys accidentally dropped a bomb on the French embassy in Tripoli.  Oops.

And So Today, President Obama:

Today August 30th, 2013,  […]   He called France ‘our oldest ally’,  apparently forgetting the anger a decade ago at its refusal to support the Iraq  War, which led to the French being satirised in US media as ‘cheese-eating  surrender monkeys’.

In a further snub, Barack Obama later said he  would prefer to take multilateral action rather than acting alone but added:  ‘Ultimately we don’t want the world to be paralysed.’  (link)

Verdict of the American press

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27 Responses to Syria, President Obama, and now The French – Contrast Leadership 1986….. [April 14th 1986 To Be Precise]

  1. afghanvet18f says:

    Great job on the story Sundance. The Frogs have always turned on themselves and their allies, through out history. Vichy swine.


  2. Sharon says:

    Since our sons know that I will crawl quite a ways to touch or see any SR-71, some years ago our younger purchased for us the narrative put together by the pilots who flew that mission into Libya as described in SD’s post. The Untouchables by Brian Shul and Walter Watson, Jr.

    Here’s some of their report as they headed into Libya:

    With the Libyan coast fast approaching now, Walt asks me for the third time if I think the jet will get to the speed and altitude we want in time (they were having problems with an inlet door, but it straightens out…and he continues)… The jet is performing perfectly now, flying better than she has in weeks. She seems to know where she is. She likes the high Mach, as we penetrate deeper into Libyan airspace. Leaving the footprint of our sonic boom across Benghazi, I sit motionless, with stilled hands on throttles and the pitch control, my eyes glued to the gauges…With the power of forty locomotives, we puncture the quiet African sky and continue farther south across a bleak landscape….Walt continues to update me with numerous reactions he sees on the DEF panel. He is receiving missile tracking signals.With each mile we traverse, every two seconds, I become more uncomfortable driving deeper into this barren and hostile land..

    ….Screaming past Tripoli, our phenomenal speed continues to rise, and the screaming Sled pummels the enemy one more time, laying down a parting sonic boom.

    (Another narrative covering the same period from the rear seat)

    As we turned our nose toward the land mass of Libya…I had the DEF all set, and initially, not one peep from the bad guys….

    Racing toward the first target area, everything looked good, and I had about one second of total calm before the DEF panel lit up like a Christmas tree. This told me we had surprised no one and that probably every camel driver in North Africa was tracking us with a variety of SAM radars — lots of them.

    Can you hear the pride? These men were serving a Commander-in-Chief who sent them out with a reason, a target, all the support they needed….and they left the footprint of a sonic boom across Benghazi…..

    Those of us who have strong memories of Ronaldus Magnus have them for a very, very good reason.

    BTW, the book I quote from here is an beautiful coffee table edition. Presents the America that used to be. Buy it. You’ll like it.


    • Sharon, I do not know much about aircraft but my husband is profoundly interested. His goal in life, when he was younger, was to join the Air Force and, ultimately, he wanted to be a test pilot and an astronaut. It was his obsession from a very young age. Everything he did academically was in preparation for this career path. He graduated from college at age 20 and tried to enlist and that’s when he found out he had “high blood pressure” – he’s had it his entire life. He tried everything to lower his blood pressure naturally (he family doctor did not put it in his record initially, thinking it may have something to do with “white coat syndrome” as my husband was – and still is – terrified of doctors/shots) but nothing worked. To this day his blood pressure will be 20 pts higher at the Dr.’s office than at home.
      He has hundreds of videos, books, etc. about military aircraft, missions, etc. and is constantly watching The History Channel.
      I plan on looking for this book for him – our anniversary is in 2 days. If I can’t find it by then, for sure it will make an excellent Christmas gift. Thanks!
      Just reading the above excerpt gave me chills.
      And you’re so right – those of us who love Ronald Reagan do so for a reason. He speeches, and particularly the one he gave after the Challenger disaster, still bring tears to my eyes. He was a great orator and a wonderful man. God broke the mold after He made Reagan.


      • Sharon says:

        Our son also gave me the companion book (both are autographed by these pilots—I try not to drool) titled Sled Driver: Flying the World’s Fastest Jet. (This one by Brian Shul solo). It focuses on the abilities and design of the plane itself, and Shul’s experiences with it. Just lovely.


        • Sharon, thank you. I will try to find them and, if I can’t, I will order them.
          I have mentioned my uncle in other posts – he was a WWII Veteran – a gunner. He aircraft was shot down and he was taken POW in Germany near the end of the war. He was (he’s in his early 90’s now) considered one of the pre-eminent experts on aircraft during WWII and Korea and has written multiple, multiple books regarding battles and the aircraft used. He has given Tim copies of many of his books. His name is William “Bill” Hess (the irony, huh?) He told me that he was “questioned” extensively by his captors about what a “son of Germany” was doing fighting against her. He was treated very cruelly and, due to frost bite during the death marches, he has extensive nerve damage in his feet and legs. Wonderful man with amazing stories. I’m going to miss him dearly when he leaves us.


  3. Sharon says:

    The SR-71 served six presidents, protecting America for a quarter of a century. Unbeknownst to most of the country, the plane flew over North Vietnam , Red China, North Korea , the Middle East, South Africa , Cuba , Nicaragua , Iran , Libya , and the Falkland Islands . On a weekly basis, the SR-71 kept watch over every Soviet nuclear submarine and mobile missile site, and all of their troop movements. It was a key factor in winning the Cold War.

    I love these guys. When I was working at the L-1011 plant in Palmdale in the early 80s we’d see them coming and going. And to think that they had long been de-classified at that point: they had been doing what they were doing as far back as the 1960s. Before computers. Kelly Johnson and his plastic pocket protector guys imagined them and engineered them in Burbank. This is why anybody in the general population over the age of 60 knows what a mindless twit obama is.

    We have SEEN real men build things and make stuff happen–all they ever asked was that people who didn’t know how to help them stay out of their way. That’s all.


    • ZurichMike says:

      Hey! Some of us “youngsters” under 60 (but over 50) also know what a mindless twist Obama is. 😉


      • Sharon says:

        🙂 Yeah, I know. Sorry, I lost my mind and went generalizing there….


        • ZurichMike says:

          You’re aaaaaaagisss! (I guess that’s the counterpart to raaaaacs — ageist?)


        • Frekki says:

          Halfway through my senior year in a tony NE prep school, our physics teacher wanted all of us to get the new HP or TI calculators. I had the TI, my rival the HP. We were the only ones. I still us a slide rule, just because it scares the youngster among us. I also know dynes and slugs, the metric system has nothing on us.


          • Sharon says:

            And please continue scaring the youngsters! And know that the comment I dropped about the plastic pocket protector guys is not from personal skill–that springs from a depth of admiration and appreciation gained by watching them from a distance, reading what I could get my hands on, and on one or two occasions, brushing shoulders with them in a passing way. So flaunt your slide rule. Computers are so useful for deceptive types–makes it possible for them to pretend to know things they don’t know. Which is all right (hey, people like me appreciate easy access to lots of stuff)….so it’s all right— as long as they are not given authority or power that can cause massive and irreparable damage.


  4. ZurichMike says:

    I miss Ronald Reagan.


    • scaretactics says:

      My thoughts exactly. We need Reagan now for Syria, Bengazi, and especially the economy. What a difference a mature, wise, and thoughtful conservative leader makes. I miss him.


  5. dmoseylou says:

    I am 2.7 miles from BAFB (Barksdale Air Force Base.) The Big Birds Are Flying, right here and right now.


  6. partyzant says:

    Thank you for your work on this. The difference between the then and the now is palpable. I sit here, having a morning cup or two of coffee at the dinner table, pondering what is ahead. It brings to mind that this is a vast chess match, replayed over the decades. The recent events have Operation NORTHWOODS written all over it.
    I am ever more convinced that the failure/inability/forced disability to call a thing by its rightful name is at the center of this issue. A rabid dog does not cease to be so when we call it fluffy bunny or somesuch. It is a collapse of discernment. is germane to this point.

    Partyzant, out.


    • Former congressman Dennis Kucinich: “So what, we’re about to become al-Qaeda’s air force now?”
      He just hit the nail on the head. Exactly right. Obama’s “motivation” here is clear to anyone who will see it. IF the threats to take out Israel are legitimate, then we are heading into WWIII, folks. We will have no choice but to defend Israel. I wonder if “we” will under Obama?? That’s the question.


    • sundance says:

      Indeed – failing to recognize the existence of evil does not protect you from it.

      Such is the current illogical nature of the man-child entrusted with the football. Kill 100,000 with bullets and we golf…… Kill 1,500 with gas and we pause the golf game.

      The In-your-face message says: The bullet riddled bodies, or those devoid of limbs,hold lesser value than those who breathed their death. Such is the illogical nature of decisions made without moral compass.

      Yes, there are indeed varying degrees of acceptable conflict. Without such forethought the Geneva outline would never have convened. However, in a larger sense tell that to the captive who can’t make it to a refugee camp.

      What of Freedom? Where is the common denominator?…. and more importantly where is the teacher who defines the denomination ? That, unfortunately, absent of any significant moral compass, is the role we have held for almost 70 years.

      The disciplinarian constructing the lesson plan cannot just walk out of the classroom and say teach yourself, make up your own rules, decide your own intents and purposes and then be surprised when The Lord Of The Flies type anarchy takes over….. Choosing in place of guidance to open the door and chuck in a few grenades to get rid of the anarchists along with the innocents.

      Yet it darn sure seems like that’s the preferred approach.


  7. WeeWeed says:

    “..On the way out of Libya our boys accidentally dropped a bomb on the French embassy in Tripoli. Oops.”
    Well played, fly boys, well played……. 😀


  8. Dusk is approaching in Syria – Praying and keeping an eye/ear glued to the computer for word of a strike. I have a very, very unsettled and frightened feeling about this – much worse than any other “conflict” that I’ve lived through to date. I wonder why that is?


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